== Miner Settings ==

Cooldown: 25 Blocks | Difficulty: x375

Multi-Settlement Mining [1]

You can mint up to 20 Settlements at once when you find a location. They will be spread across the Wasteland, and have different Industries.


Success Alarm [ Disabled ]

A noisy alarm that alerts you when a location is found.

Occasionally the alarm gets stuck and won't stop ringing. Press the button below to stop it from sounding if that happens.

Background Mining [ Disabled ]

Miner will continue while browser is minimised or on a different tab.

Auto re-mine [ Disabled ]

Miner will begin mining again as soon as you successfully mint a Settlement.

Automatic transaction request [ Disabled ]

Miner will automatically request a transaction as soon as a location is found. You still have to confirm it though.

  Connect wallet to begin mining.